We leverage cutting-edge technology to develop and integrate powerful .NET solutions that enhance and streamline your current business processes.


Creating tailored, efficient, automated processes within any industry:


ACE Part Inventory System – Ability to track and manage parts: Add new parts to inventory, check in and out, update part information, etc. We offer a dashboard reports with search capabilities in order to see part information, quantities, who has parts checked out, if any are in repair, when parts were last ordered, etc. Once parts approach or hit a specific minimum quantity, we alert the appropriate individuals to take action. Interactive reporting is included.

ACE Slot Management System – Creates electronic slot files for all your Casino’s machines, tracking everything that has ever been done to that specific slot machine such as moves and conversion, with the ability to manage Theme(s), Denom(s), Average PAR’s, upload attachments, emails notifications, send reports, etc. 


WPA System - We provide workflows that capture customer service, employee evaluations and information with Dashboard and Business Intelligence reporting your Human Resources department can easily manage, evaluate and update employees; keeping all employee files private and electronic. Based on the information an employee enters, we can auto-generate frequently used templates or documents.


WellnessWerx System - Create Monthly Wellness Challenges to send to all of your employees. Email blasts are sent to all employees inviting them to participate. If they accept and complete the challenge they win prizes or win points. Includes features such as: Creating your own personal challenges with interactive calendar to follow and report progress on, earning points by completing medical exams or any health related events your company offers, interactive reporting and metrics, including much more...