Delivering Powerful Technology Solutions

We have already designed three tailored systems specifically created for the Casino and Wellness Industries. Both are powered with WPA (Work Process Automation) which is our flagship system that can automate any paper based business process.

A Few Standard Features:
  • Easily apply and enforce business logic
  • Role based permissions
  • Extensive Administrative Control & Advanced Features
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Highly configurable, automatic recurring emails with the ability to send attachments and reports
  • Complete Temporary or Permanent Reassignments for personnel
  • Custom and Metric reports
  • Vast number of different question types
  • File Upload controls, with version tracking and document check in/out functionality
  • Audit history of every action, question answers, emails, approvals and rejections


Solutions for casino gaming

ACE is a powerful, web based automation system, powered by WPA and customized to meet the needs of the gaming industry. We have collaborated with top industry resources and casino properties to develop a platform that enables Accountability, Communication, and Efficiency (ACE).

Transform the way your casino operates by automating key processes to increase efficiency. ACE has the capacity to turn business obstacles into business solutions through the collection and reporting of vital data.

Solutions for health/wellness

WellnessWerx is a web based health and wellness software powered by WPA. WellnessWerx was developed in collaboration with leading health and wellness administrators and customers. The goal was to build a solution that was convenient for end users while capturing key data and providing the reporting capacity to gauge effectiveness.

WellnessWerx is the conduit between your health and wellness objectives and employees. With the capacity to segment and layer employee groups, it provides an avenue to higher employee participation by keying in on employee interests and goals.

Solutions for any business

WPA is a web based platform that automates any paper or resource based process within an organization. WPA was created to design the ideal process that is tailored specifically for your organization by enforcing business logic you design.

WPA is the solution for maximizing productivity, communication, and efficiency across departments and organizations. It provides a 10,000 foot perspective and enhanced visibility into your business processes, allowing you to identify areas of strength or process bottlenecks.