Work Process Automation (WPA)

100% fully customized, robust web-based application that is specifically tailored to your needs and desires.

What is WPA?

WPA is an extremely robust web-based application that optimizes any business process by automating and streamlining lengthy or difficult work. Each workflow is specifically tailored to a company’s needs and desires. It is incredibly customizable, yet powerful that it can be designed for any company or industry, no matter how small or large the task.

This web-based ASP.NET / MS SQL application offers a growing number of applications that have been developed by SolutionWerx to meet U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) specifications and needs within the Commercial sector. Our WPA platform provides customizable workflows, including a vast list of robust features and the ability to apply any specific or complex logic behind those processes.

WPA provides the solutions and has the ability to automate processes any of your business processes – keeping you and your team focused on more important work while saving you time, supply costs, and significantly reducing operational redundancies.

WPA Overview

Why Automate?

There is a power in automation. Every organization should identify and automate any inefficient or repetitive work with workflow automation.  See the return on investment after significantly reducing costs, removing bottlenecks, identifying previously unknown inefficiencies and focus on the work that matters.

  •  We can apply any complex and customized logic to any business process at a fair cost without reducing quality or performance.
  •  We can easily integrate with various other systems via APIs, web services and databases to keep drastic impacts at a minimum.
  •  We can transform burdensome everyday processes into highly efficient workflows that provide meaningful work and valuable data.

Why Choose WPA?

WPA will help you run your business with confidence and efficiency. Start saving time and start driving production between managers and their team(s). WPA will modernize your records management systems and eliminate paperwork for business operations. 

The U.S. Department of Energy and other commercial sectors have been investing in the extensive development of the WPA web application for 19 years; making WPA one of the most mature, robust and secure web applications out in today’s market. 

WPA Features & Capabilities

Automatic Notifications

Customizable Email Templates & Notifications

SMS Templates & Notifications

Annotations and Reminders

Recurring Emails

Escalation Emails

Attached Reports

Automatically Insert Workflow Data & Information

Document Generation

Intelligently add/remove content and clauses based on the answers provided by the User

Autopopulate reports and forms with information gathered from workflows

Restrict Users from creating or downloading certain documents

Manage documents and files

Automatically push files into Sharepoint

Control & Security

Database Encryption

Https Encryption

Role Based Access 

Workflow Versioning

Document Repository

Customized Reminders

Automatic Reporting 

File Management


Custom Reports

Business Intelligence (BI) Reports

Metric Reports

Dashboard Reports

Recurring Reports

Email Reporting


Customizable Dashboard

Dashboard Widgets

Live Dashboard Tiles

Dashboard Reports

Track Workflows – In Progress, Action Required & Completed

Administrator Archives

Data Filtering


Active Directory Integration

3rd Party API Integration

Mobile Compatibility

SQL and Report Server Integration


Temporary or Permanent Role Reassignments 

Custom Workflow Logic

Multiple or Parallel Approvals

Workflow Import/Export

System Integration

Data Migration

Manage Lifecycle Processes

Form Builder

Web Services


Custom Reporting

Automatic & Recurring Reports


Audit History

Mobile Friendly

User Accountability

Supports all Browsers

Identify Bottlenecks

Proven Workflow Processes

Human Resources

Streamline employee files

PTO requests

Employee annual reviews

Benefit forms & enrollments

Marketing & Promotions

Create survey and email blast templates to communicate events, contests and promotions.

Increase customer feedback percentage by asking customers to complete a small survey of questions in exchange for guest WiFi.

License Management System (LMS)

Create/manage contract lifecycles

Create and manage invoices

Custom reporting

Financial management

Document repository

Compliance functionality

License management

Royalty distrubition mangement

Organize expenses

Track financials tasks and milestones

Work Planning & Control (WP&C)

Manage Work Planning – Capture scope, hazards and personnel

Accept Work – Managers review and accept/reject activity

Evaluate Risk/Controls – Review operating envelope, training, PHS, OPs and TWDs

Approve/Authorize Work – Conducts additional reviews and approvals

Perform Work – Personnel begins work, capture documentation

Lessons Learned – Documented and seachable for future and team use

Requirements Management

Manage any type of requirements

Track and monitor deliverables and due dates

Update and manage policies

Conduct reviews and approvals

Manage and customizable forms

Custom dashboards and reporting

Upload documents

Update/Manage any type of records

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

Initiate Bilateral, Multi, Tri types of agreements

Autogenerates the agreement based on the answers provided

Intelligently adds and removes document clauses based on answers provided

Other DOE Processes

User Facilities




Exhibits F, G & H

Open Source Agreements

Tech Transfer Platform (TT10)

Other Federal Agency (OFAs) Work for Others

Non-Federal Entity (NFEs) Work for Others

Experiemental Work Packages (EWPs)

Priviledged Account Requests (PAR)